In the medical department in Amsterdam, we seek to link relationships with leading companies that make patients’ lives a wonderful opportunity and help improve their general conditions

Globus Medical Co.

Globus Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients with musculoskeletal disorders With the understanding that speed is critical because life cannot wait

joimax® Co.

joimax® focuses on innovative technologies, systems and methods for endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery. Our surgical solutions ensure the most gentle treatment Their goal to further expand and strengthen her position as the leading company in endoscopic spinal surgery for the market of “joined minimal access technologies” worldwide.

inomed Co.

inomed is a leading medical device company. Their develop products that help clinicians satisfy the basic principal of the Hippocratic Oath, “Primum nil nocere” – “First, do no harm”. Within the context of this solemn undertaking, patient safety is the highest priority for every clinician.


NOUVAG plays a leading role especially in the field of motor driven instruments for Dental Surgery, Micro Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Every year, around 20,000 new appliances and instruments are used by customers around the globe. Thanks to intensive research and a high innovative potential Besides research, development and a production standard which meets the most stringent quality requirements, the company places greatest value on extending the product portfolio to constantly improve the customer experience

Nishi Medicare Co.

Nishi Medicare spearheaded by dynamic leadership and has team of experienced professionals, who are dedicated to designing, developing, distributing, exporting & marketing safe, use friendly & quality healthcare disposable surgical products under our Brand – “SURGIPAL” Nishi Medicare offers an array of products like surgical Gloves, Examination Gloves, catheters, surgical & disposable products for urology, Gynecology and other healthcare disposable surgical products to our prestigious customers Global International market. their aim to provide high quality products to healthcare industry to earn their trust & achieve total customer satisfaction

mark Schneider Co.

Neurosurgical patties are textile pads used during most neurosurgical operations to protect tissues, manage the fluid environment, control hemostasis, and aid tissue manipulation MarkScneider patties comes in various textures like Pure Cotton and Viscos + Rayan

paramed medical systems

MROpen provides exceptional patient comfort, unmatched in the industry, and delivers a light MRI scan in a comfortable and reassuring environment. He can enter the scanner, and depending on the part being scanned, he can sit, lie slightly back, lie horizontally or even stand. With no barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, patients can see around them at all times or enjoy watching TV while sitting comfortably in the MRI scanner. All this simply cannot happen with traditional methods No claustrophobic reactions have yet occurred at any one MROpen clinical site, and patient anxiety appears to be a memory from the past.

Tsunami Medical Co.

Tsunami Medical is dedicated to make a difference in people’s lives by riding the wave of innovation and offering differentiating, evidence-based solutions to relieve patients’ back pain, improve mobility and enhance quality of life Tsunami Medical offers surgical Spinal solutions at high quality level.

Spatz Co.

Spatz3 Gastric Balloon is the world’s first and only Dynamic- Intragastric Balloon (Dynamic-IGB) in the market. The Spatz3 balloon features volume-adjustment, helping people reach optimal weight loss results and attitude change towards food. Spatz3 goal is to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Spatz3 gives patients the time needed to reach their desired weight loss and develop tools required to change their attitude towards food

HNM medical Co.

HNM is committed in providing improved surgical outcomes for surgeons and healthcare professionals. HNM  strive to become an industry leader and innovators in delivering comprehensive orthopedic and reconstructive surgical solutions.

Community tissue services Co.

Community Tissue Services is a quality, ethical provider of services to donor families, medical communities, recipients, and community partners through recovery, processing, and distribution of tissue grafts.

Solco biomedical Co.

SOLCO is a global medical & healthcare company that exports its products to 20 different countries overseas. It is also the first medical device manufacturer in Korea, and has developed implants for Orthopedic surgery, surgical instruments, and health care products for body temperature and antioxidation for 43 years.